Over the years my design knowledge has directly contributed to my abilities as a computer programmer. Sketching helped me with my ideation process, giving me the ability to quickly sketch out my thoughts before beginning work. Not only that, sketching knowledge has helped me understand what looks good together, such as color schemes and line weighting. This is highlighted in the differences between my iOS apps Slime Sports and Slime Zone.

As part of the Segal Design Certificate program at Northwestern University, I took classes in sketching. While I have never been a very skilled artist, over time I began to develop my skills.

Here are some examples of my sketching over the years from my design courses.

A rendering in photoshop of a belt I designed

A rendering with markers of a water bottle I designed in the style of an Apple product

Two additional renderings with markers of water bottles I designed in the style of Apple products

A sketch of a Sunfish sailboat

A sketch of a Hobby Cat sailboat

A few sketches of some self driving car ideas

Additional self driving car sketches

Some sketches on how to prevent waste from getting in oceans

Some sketches of boats removing plastic from oceans