iOS Development

The Slime Games

Back in middle school everyone used to play the games Slime Soccer and Slime Volleyball. They were games where you control a semicircle shaped "slime" and play various sports.

When I was learning Objective-C I created the game Slime Sports, a game that consisted of over 5 different sports. Slime Sports is my most download app of all time, with almost 20,000 downloads.

Slime Zone

Slime Zone is my latest and best app. I took everything I learned creating Slime Sports, and the experience I had working at Grubhub and in turn I made Slime Zone. I made it completely from scratch in Swift. It's much faster paced, the size of the game is smaller, and it is easily maintainable to add new sports. It has twelve different sports making it far superior to my previous app, Slime Sports.


"Used to play this on the computer when I was a kid. Props to Wyatt Mufson, the developer for bringing it to the App Store. I am a little perplexed as to why this is not a copyright infringement. Anyway, it’s a great way to pass the time. Highly recommend" - Max Hyman, Jan 17, 2018 on the App Store talking about Slime Zone

"This is just like the game I played on my first iMac but better and with more abilities! Much better than the other options out there" - Alex Krule, Jan 6, 2016 on App Store talking about Slime Sports

Puzzle Games

I've published five different puzzle games to the App Store. By far, my two best ones are Draw Me That and Squared!!.

Draw Me That

Draw Me That is my most downloaded puzzle game, with over 13,000 downloads, and for a while my most popular app overall with over 13,000 downloads. The game is based off of the travelling salesman problem. The player must draw the shapes without going down a previously used path. It's challenging, but very fun.


Squared!! is the second app I ever made and the first game. I released it when I was in high school. I recently rewrote the whole app from scratch in Swift. The goal of the game is to move your piece through the board without being hit by the opponents piece. It's quite challening, but very fun.

Other Apps

Besides games, I've published apps in the medical, educational, and utility genres. My favorite of these are SelectPlayer and Learn to Read Japanese.


SelectPlayer is one of my most useful apps, I still use it pretty often. Simply select the amount of songs you want to listen to and hit play. Once those songs have been played, the music stops. Perfect for using before sleep.

Learn to Read Japanese

Learn to Read Japanese is also very helpful, I made it solely to help me with my Japanese language studies. It helps people to practice memorizing Hiragana and Katakana, two of the character systems used in Japanese.