Over the years my design knowledge has directly contributed to my abilities as a computer programmer. My CAD knowledge has taught me to think about aspect ratio and how different pieces of a user interface should fit together. A big part of CAD is making sure that it still looks good from different perspectives, which is similar to optimizing applications for different screen sizes and devices. This too is highlighted in the differences between my old and new iOS apps, such as Slime Sports and Slime Zone.

As part of the Segal Design Certificate program at Northwestern University, I took classes in CAD (computer aided design). I learned how to render 3D models into life like images.

Here are some examples of my CAD work over the years from my design courses.

A CAD rendering of a door knob I designed from an angle

The door knob from the front

The door knob from the side

A smart mirror I designed in the style of an Apple product

The mirror reflecting some light

The back of the mirror

A CAD rendering of a chair design made of rolled up cardboard

A rendering of a shovel I designed placed in space

The original image without the shovel