iOS Development

Almost 100k downloads from all over the world

Slime Sports Games

I have published seven different sports games based on the once popular Slime Sports series. These games have been downloaded by far the most out of my apps, almost 50,000 times.

Puzzle Games

I have also published numerous puzzle games for iOS. Each are original ideas. My post popular puzzle game, Draw Me That, has been downloaded over 13,000 times.

Other Apps

Outside of games, I have published apps in the medical, educational, and utility genres. Tthese apps were designed to solve everyday issues. They have been downloaded almost 10,000 times.

Ryu Coin

My cryptocurrency startup

Ryu Coin is a startup that I founded with two friends from Northwestern. Ryu Coin is a cryptocurrency designed for wagering on online competitive multiplayer games. This unique take on eSports will allow for anyone to bet on themselves.

I am the CTO of Ryu Coin but am involved in all aspects of the business. My primary focus is the development of our system, which includes our website, smart contracts, and backend.


Learning to sketch has been very beneficial to my software development process. It's helped me with ideation, giving me the ability to quickly sketch out my thoughts before beginning work.

I first began learning to sketch sophomore year in my Industrial Design class. While I was never a very skilled artist growing up, over time I have developed my skills. I really enjoy bringing a sketch to life with the use of color.


Computer Aided Design

Learning CAD has helped me be a better developer. It's taught me how to think about aspect ratio and how different pieces of a user interface should fit together.

I really enjoy the process of going from a simple sketch, to a CAD model. I first started learning to use CAD with a SolidWorks at the end of sophomore year of college. From there I went on to take a course in another CAD program, NX. In my Industrial Design Projects course I learned how to go from a sketch, to a photoshop rendering, to a CAD model.

About Me

Welcome! I am Wyatt Mufson. I am currently a senior at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. I am studying Computer Science and am also pursuing the Segal Design Certificate. My industrial design knowledge has helped me become a better developer by teaching me the importance of a focus on user interface and user experience.

My passion for computer programming began in high school when I taught myself how to code in C and Objective-C. From there I have published numerous apps to the App Store. After graduation I will be working full time as an SDE I for Amazon. Previously, I’ve completed internships for Amazon doing full stack development, Grubhub doing iOS development and for EnerNOC doing full stack development.

Feel free to reach me at